NJ Elite announces partnership with Dotcomsport

NJ Elite is proud to announce a strategic partnership with software company Dotcomsport.
Dotcomsport is based in Zeewolde, the Netherlands and specializes in products and services for sports-related companies worldwide.

‘’NJ Elite announces the partnership with Dotcomsport, and the Player Tracking System for the NJ Elite Program,’’
Director of coaching Jordi Meijer remarked. ‘’It will add an extra dimension for the development of the players at our club. Not only for players, but also for our coaches it will be a lot easier to communicate and help the players to develop. The use of the Player Tracking System of Dotcomsport will be a huge step forward in developing players.’’

After years of experience working with soccer-development programs in the Netherlands, Dotcomsport wants to now expand and work in multiple countries. This is a great opportunity for Dotcomsport to expand to the U.S. market. “Dotcomsport is proud to be a partner of the NJ Elite. The club has a clear structure and vision, furthermore they know how to educate their players and assist them with their development,” Dotcomsport Director Johan Henkes declared. “Both parties will also work together in multiple areas and the NJ Elite will act as a reference for Dotcomsport in the U.S. market.”

The player tracking system Dotcomclub has developed ensures a structured training path, which contributes towards the optimal development of the football player, team and coach. Our application, when used on a tablet or smartphone, is the ideal assistant for every coach, director of coaching, and board member. Through years of experience and working with clients in the soccer market, Dotcomsport is able to support your soccer organization. Furthermore, Dotcomsport guarantees the continuity of their software development and we are no longer susceptible to the loss of important technical framework. The player tracking software system serves as a stable platform for the academy.

Organizing teams, creating teams, communicating with players and coaches, digital preparation of training, match evaluations and reviews are actions that, with the software Dotcomsport offers, are simple and easy to execute. Every department within the team has their own part of the software which provides them with information relevant to their job.

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