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At Dotcomsport we have a passion for football and everything involved with the sport. This also includes our valuable users.
Therefore, users may join us in the further development of our player development system. Together with the sport, we can create a unique and user-friendly product. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our current users and would like to share some with you.

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“We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with Dotcomsport as the first professional club from Eastern Europe. We hope that our cooperation will last long term and that we will continue our sports success with the help of new platforms like Dotcomclub.”

Luka Ivančić, General Director HNK Rijeka

“The player management system from Dotcomsports makes it possible for us to document player development in training, matches, scouting and from a medical perspective in an easy and powerful way. The speed at which we can provide players and coaches with information and video clips is crucial to our everyday operation.”

Andreas Georgson, Lead Analyst Malmö FF Youth Department

“Dotcomsport has been fantastic for Richmond United in allowing us to aggregate our most important club information in one place. We are easily able to track the developmental progress of players, teams, and coaches and, most importantly, are much closer to achieving our unified vision as a club. Dotcomsport’s support has been excellent in providing us solutions for problems specific to our club.”

Sascha Görres, Academy Director Richmond United

“Information is knowledge, and knowledge gives development! This for the Reliance Foundation Young Champs the reason we choose for Dotcomsport. It’s a system where a lot of information is available and it’s easy to work with. We see that Dotcomsport helps players to develop and become better players.”

Mark Vaessen, Head Coach of Reliance Foundation Young Champs

“I love working with Dotcomsport! We searched around for quite a while looking for the right digital player development system and I am so pleased that we found Dotcomsport. It doesn’t only help us track our daily and weekly actions, it helps us take decisions for the future so we as staff and our players excel. The team in Dotcomsport always provides best of class support and with the service of implementing new feature requests.”

Christian Pellving, Lead Analyst IK Sirius Youth Department

“The FAI are very proud to announce a partnership with Dotcomsport, and introduce a new Player Tracking System. It will add an extra dimension for the development of players at our organisation. Coaches will also benefit from the technology as it will be easier to communicate and help the players to develop. The use of the Player Tracking System of Dotcomsports will be a huge step forward in player development.”

Ruud Dokter, FAI High Performance Director

“Om de ontwikkeling van de spelers nog beter inzichtelijk te krijgen is een spelervolgsysteem van groot belang. Na een langdurige zoektocht is Holland Football University uitgekomen bij Dotcomsport, aangezien Dotcomsport op gebruikersgemak uitblonk en alle gewenste zaken in de applicatie geregistreerd kunnen worden.

Daarnaast kunnen de spelers zelf ook hun ontwikkelpunten inzien en bijhouden en zorgt het voor een goede opleidingsweg voor de spelers. Holland Football University wil de kwaliteit van de opleiding waarborgen en kan zodoende vanaf heden alle trainingen en activiteiten op 1 centrale plek bewaren en inzien.”

Mary Kok-Willemsen, Directeur Holland Football University

Dotcomsport geeft ons met het spelervolgsysteem Dotcomclub de mogelijkheid om eenvoudig onze jeugdspelers te monitoren, waarbij alle gegevens in kaart worden gebracht. Het is voor ons een zeer goed communicatiemiddel om te communiceren met spelers, ouders en de amateurclubs waarmee wij samenwerken. Bovendien is er binnen het systeem voor de amateurclubs ook een scala aan oefenstof te vinden.

Henny Lee, Hoofd Jeugdopleiding FC Utrecht