CSKA Sofia has signed a partnership agreement with Dotcomsport

CSKA Sofia signed a partnership agreement with the Dutch company Dotcomsport. In the future, the representative team and the academy will use the most up-to-date software and digital programs for the development of the players and the overall functioning of the various club structures. With 359 clubs operating in 15 countries, CSKA is the first Bulgarian club to introduce the innovative technology in Bulgaria. In this way, the work of the coaches of the individual football formations, the scout unit, the medical headquarters and the sports and technical leadership will be coordinated and synchronized in a special platform that will have a huge database.

“The system provides enormous opportunities to professionally control the whole process in a football club. For example, the development of a young footballer will be traceable from his childhood performance in every match and workout. How he has grown physically, how he has perfected his potential, how many goals he has scored, how many times he has been injured, the assessment and opinion of his mentors over the years and other detailed information”, said Mark Verbeek, who conducted a training course with representatives of the club.

Bron: CSKA Sofia /