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Dotcomsport is the total solution for national federations and football clubs, both amateur and professional. The Club Management System has been created for and by coaches, coordinators and technical committees from various sports organisations. In addition, the software is fully customizable to the working method of your own organisation! 


Monitor the development of your players, prepare training sessions and matches digitally, analyse and anticipate. Always be one step ahead of the opponents with the Dotcomsport club management system. Keep track of all the affairs of your team in a structured way and communicate with the players and parents! 


Direct insight into all the (youth) teams of the football organisation. Coordinate your coaches and easily monitor the data of all the players in the statistics. All internal affairs digitally and in one place, ensuring continuity and a unified way of working! 


As Administrator you are the manager of the database and you always have a good overview of the football organisation. With the push of a button you can see generate overviews of all the teams, players and staff members. You can also create new teams, players and staff members and manage the different teams. You are also responsible for all settings within the license! 


Monitor the development of the staff within the football organization. Create your own staff evaluation forms, fill them in and, if desired, let the staff evaluate themselves. This allows you, as a football organizationsation, to always be transparent towards your staff members! 


As a player you can view your profile, statistics, evaluations, any injuries and video clips of the training sessions and/or matches where and when you want. As a player, you can also complete questionnaires/individual development plans created by the coach and/or coordinator. You can also view your personal (football) agenda via your phone or laptop. 


Determine your own injury categories, digitize your injury treatments and then monitor progress. Create insight into the categories under which (most) injuries fall, communicate about this internally and anticipate. Indicate which players can and which players cannot participate in the training sessions and matches. This way you always remain transparent towards the coaches, players and parents! 


Analyse the teams through videowith the simple, or more advanced, video analysis tool. Tag the moments, rate the players and then share the clips/playlists with the staff and/or player(s). View the clips from any device, where and when you want! 


See which clubs you have been assigned to as a scout to fill your scouting database. Your player database is accessible everywhere, allowing you to enter the data of scouted players directly along the field. Create scouting reports and perform various searches on your scouted players. Always find the right player for the right place! 

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Working with Dotcomsport

To gain access to the Club Management System, the club or federation must acquire a license. This gives users direct access and all activated functionalities available. You will then have online access to the latest version of the platform anytime, anywhere. Installation on a computer is not necessary. 


Dotcomsport was founded in 2008 and offers amateur and professional football clubs and national federations the most complete online Club Management System. This allows all those involved in the football organisation (players and staff members) to be optimally engaged in developing players, teams and coaches according to a unified and structured methodology. 

Further development

We are continuously working on the further development of the system. We actively involve our users in its development. This way we come together to create valuable and user-friendly products. 

Timeline of implementation and support

After acquiring a license, we offer support for the implementation within the organization. This consists of physical and/or online training sessions for staff members. You also get access to our online Dotcomsport Academy containing various videos and online webinars about the use of the platform. 


More than 400 football clubs and federations use our Club Management System. 

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Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.


Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.