Dotcomsport online video analysis platform SportAnalysisTV

The online video analysis platform SportsAnalysisTV has been part of Dotcomsport since August 2020. The analyses that you can make with SportsanalysisTV will help improve the performance of coaches and players. This platform will help to quickly and easily find important moments to improve during and/or after the match.  Activate your license and discover all the possibilities of this online video analysis tool.

The advantages of this video analysis platform

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Complete solution for video analysis

The coach analyzes the most important match moments and tags the relevant players involved. After the match, the players can see their tagged clips and moments that are relevant for them. Pictures say more than a thousand words and the clips complete the player portfolio.

Video analysis completely online

You can use this video analysis platform completely online, no desktop installation is required. You get access to all functionalities of this video analysis platform and the video content is easily accessible directly in the Dotcomsport platform.

Video clips integrated in Dotcomsport

All coded clips are automatically linked to the correct teams within the Dotcomsport system, no more manual actions are required.

Activate this module at no cost

Let us know if you are interested in this video analysis module. You can use this as a separate module or integrated with our Club Management Platform. Discover all the possibilities of this online video analysis tool during the free trial period until January 2021. 

Amateur *

450 Per Year
  • Number of teams: 1
  • Amateur football organization

Amateur **

795 Per Year
  • Number of teams: 2
  • Amateur football organization

Amateur ***

1000 Per Year
  • Number of teams: all
  • Amateur football organization

Pro *****

1500 Per Year
  • Number of teams: All
  • Professional Football Organization

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