Federation Management Platform

Benefits for a Federation

Federations can work with the federation management platform to register data concerning the teams, players and staff members of the (youth) national teams. Through the federation, each club in a specific country can also get access to a license. Dotcomsport can customize these licenses with the federation look and feel so that the system is really something the federation can offer clubs instead of Dotcomsport. 


Coaches, directors, scouts, medical staff, video analysts, administrators and parents/players can all share data and communicate in one platform. This creates a situation where all the data concerning clubs, teams and players is centralized.

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Relationship between Federation and Clubs

Individual federations can provide clubs with a certain curriculum and/or drills to assist with developing players a certain way. This can also be done with player evaluations, for example. Having all the clubs assess and evaluate their players according to the same standards and principles will help strengthen the relationship between the federations and the clubs. 

Integrations with Partners

Dotcomsport believes in joining forces with other companies, who can also benefit a federation and make the system even more complete. Dotcomsport can serve as the complete, football technical collection database where all the data of the (youth) national teams, academies and clubs’ stream into. Through APIs there is a possibility to integrate with current administration (FOYS), tagging (Sportscode), video analysis (SportsAnalysis) and GPS (JOHAN Sports) add-ons and partners. 

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Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.