Dotcomsport will collaborate on Saudi Arabia sports program

Saudi Arabia wants to monitor the development of a million children with Dutch software Dotcomsport

The Dutch company Dotcomsport creates software with which the development of athletes can be monitored and measured. The company recently scored a deal in Saudi Arabia. The Mahd Academy, a government program that manages sports programs, is partnering with Dotcomsport. Saudi Arabia’s ambition is to monitor and measure the talent and skills of a million children in the coming years with the software solutions of Dotcomsport.

The Dotcomsport software is already being used in 23 different countries by organizations like FC Utrecht, the KNVB, the Football Association of Ireland and more than 500 other sports organizations.

Dutch company brings high performance sport to Saudi Arabia

Johan Henkes of Dotcomsport: “Saudi Arabia is doing everything it can to develop a top sports climate. We are proud that they choose our talent management system. The Mahd Academy will not only use the Dotcomsport Sport Management Platform; with our data we also act as an advisory body for the management and coaches of athletes. This makes it even easier for them to measure and monitor the development of athletes. This will ensure an optimal climate for high performance sport in the country. ”

More and more famous athletes are finding their way to Saudi Arabia, which is also investing heavily in sports facilities. Henkes: “People are also aware of the role of talent. The Mahd Academy is a national project that discovers and develops talent from the age of six. Based on (our) scientific methods and modern technologies, a new generation of local sports heroes should emerge. This is a prestigious project, with significant ambitions, of which we are excited to be a part.”

Countless children monitored with Dotcomsport

Through the partnership with Dotcomsport, Saudi Arabia wants to ensure that the performance of current athletes improves and that more talent develops throughout the country. “In total, about one million children will be tested on their skills and talents for various sports. Initially, this will apply to football but performance and development will also be monitored for different sports. This way, will athletes not only be monitored but hopefully more athletes will also break through. Ultimately, that is the most sustainable solution.” 

Dotcomsport will help the Mahd Academy with the administration, registration and processing of athlete data. Henkes: “The Mahd Academy hopes to develop more talent for the Olympic teams of Saudi Arabia, among others. We are proud that our software, and in the future also the solution of our partner Focus On Your Sport (athlete administration system), will be used for this. ” 

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