MVV further professionalizes with Dotcomsport

MVV Maastricht has taken a big step towards further professionalization of the organization. This week, the club signed a agreement with Dotcomsport, which will help them to take the next step.

MVV Maastricht will be working with the Club Management System Dotcomclub in the coming seasons. The choice for Dotcomclub was easy for MVV. Dotcomsport supplies their system in 23 different countries to more than 500 different football organizations. The project in Maastricht is extra special. It is made possible by the financial contribution of the fans of the club: Veer van MVV.

Monitor players

With the system, MVV can fully monitor the players during training and matches. Most importantly, this gives the club enormous statistics and data. This can be anticipated on immediately.

The great thing about this system is that it will be used by all teams of MVV. From the youngest youth to the first team. In the meantime, all coordinators, trainers, scouting and medical staff have been informed about the system.

User friendly player tracking system

Dotcomsport has developed the system in collaboration with users. That’s why MVV Maastricht can enjoy Dotcomsport’s user-friendly player tracking system. The system guarantees the continuity of the football organization. It ensures that MVV Maastricht is less vulnerable in the event of loss of important technical framework.

Left to right: Ron Elsen (Manager Academy MVV), Johan Henkes (Director Dotcomsport), Erik Noor (General Manager MVV), Ronny Van Geneugden (Technical Manager MVV) en Jesse Oving (Sales & Support Manager Dotcomsport).


The tracking system serves as a stable platform within the football organization. Firstly, it ensures a structured and uniform training path. This contributes to the optimal development of footballers. Secondly, it gains better insight into the development of the footballers. Thirdly, the footballers can also view and keep track of their own development. Moreover, the Club Management System Dotcomclub is a perfect assistant for every (youth) trainer / coordinator or technical management. In conclusion, an application like Dotcomclub is of great importance.

Ronny van Geneugden, Technical Manager of MVV Maastricht, is pleased that MVV can use the services and software of Dotcomsport. “This is a wonderful tool for our trainers and scouts. They can record relevant information from training and matches. Thanks to the Club Management System, we get an even better insight into the development of our players. And it is especially nice that it has been made possible by the support of our fans: Veer van MVV. In this way, the supporters contribute directly to strengthening the top sports climate of MVV Maastricht.”

“Through our system, all kinds of data from training minutes and statistics to video material can be entered and analyzed.”, says Director Dotcomsport Johan Henkes. “It is a total solution that provides clubs with all the desired information at the touch of a button. Because we use the input of clubs in the development, it is fully tailored to the end user. It is therefore very user-friendly.”

Dotcomsport is looking forward to a successful collaboration with MVV!

Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.


Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.