Next Level Football Club Checklist

Clubs are continuously developing and improving themselves. Software such as Dotcomsport’s products help with this. At Dotcomsport, however, we often hear that clubs find it difficult to get an overview of the available software options.

That is why we have made an overview of the different types of software. With the aim of helping in the search for the perfect solution for your club. Dotcomsport offers a number of solutions and some solutions we offer through an integration with a partner. You will find this and more in the Next Level Football Club Checklist.

Start at the beginning: Member administration system
A member administration system is the foundation for your club and the starting point when you want to integrate software to improve the performance of your players and staff. A good overview of all players, which teams they are in, contact details and other general information are the basis for measuring the activities. So start with a good member administration system.

Communication and Agenda Platform
In order to communicate efficiently with the players and staff at your club, a communication and agenda platform is crucial. With this platform, communication about training and matches becomes much clearer and you can also share other messages with the members of your club. Think, for example, of being able to quickly communicate procedures that apply to your club regarding the most current corona measures, which sometimes change quickly. A good Communication Platform can save you a lot of time and energy here.

Player tracking system
With a player tracking system you can register all matches and training sessions of a player. A player tracking system shows where and when the matches and training sessions take place. All matches, match data, standings and results are automatically updated every night with our system. It will therefore save you a lot of time and energy.

Training drawing tool
It is very important for a trainer to prepare training sessions well, so that the players are optimally prepared for matches. Many starting trainers use ready-made training courses that have been compiled by the KNVB. Those exercises are linked to a football goal, such as improving the build-up. Almost all ready-made workouts come with a sample video.

Trainers who are more advanced can use a training drawing tool. In this tool, trainers can draw their own exercises and workouts and then save and share them. This makes it easier for trainers to share their own vision with their team and prepare them optimally for training and matches.

Rating System
It is very important for both the players and the staff to rate and evaluate each other and yourself. This makes development clearly visible. With a rating system you can use an evaluation form. These evaluations can be used by trainers during a conversation with the players and/or staff members. This way you create a good picture of the development of players and points for improvement can be identified. In addition, it is possible at any time to compare two or more players based on the completed evaluations. This can be useful, for example, when compiling the new selections.

Medical System
With the medical system you register injuries of players. With each injury, it is possible to share exercises that allow the player to recover faster. Through this platform, the updates are sent to a trainer, so that he knows how his players are doing and when they are back at training. Because rehabilitation exercises are already ready in the system, you increase the chance that injured players will become fit and available again.

Scouting database
In your scouting database you can see which club you can go to as a scout to view players. Your player database is accessible everywhere, so that you can enter information directly next to the field. With this system you can create scouting reports, view financial data and perform various searches on your external scouting database. This can be done on criteria such as age, height, favorite leg, position, playing qualities, region and current club, so that you can always find the right player for the right place.

Fitness platform
A fitness platform is important to improve the fitness and strength of your team. In this, trainers can test and keep data of the players. This way they can develop their players step by step, so that players can get the best out of themselves during matches and training sessions.

Video analysis system
With an online video analysis system you can quickly and easily find important points for improvement during and after the game. The trainer marks his important moments of the game and assigns the players involved or the trainer/video analyst codes live during the match. After the game, the players can clearly see the clips of the moments that are relevant to them. Pictures say more than a thousand words and the clips complete the player portfolio. More and more clubs are taking advantage of this and it has become crucial for clubs.

GPS data
You see more and more that players wear a small vest under their shirt. This is a GPS sports tracker specially designed to keep a close eye on your team’s performance. It is a modern and accurate sensor with an optimal balance between reliability and user-friendliness. This gives you insight into the fitness of your players. You can display statistics from the GPS data to make it even clearer. From those statistics you can see the development of your players, so you can see his or her progress over the years. This includes information about total distance, number of sprints, maximum speed, maximum heart rate and number of accelerations.

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Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.