Schooling and Help Desk

We find it very important that the users of our software products are supported in a good and fast manner through our schooling and help desk. In addition, users may always tell us about their user experiences in order to improve and further develop our software products.
This is possible in several ways:
Phone help desk
On weekdays, users can contact our helpdesk between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (CET) for questions and support.
Phone number: +31 36 547 21 19
Email support questions
Users can email our help desk 24 hours a day with questions in regards to the software through:
Talent development system Dotcombond
Player development system Dotcomclub
The help desk will provide you with a response within 2 days.
Passing on user experiences and improvements
Users can tell us about their user experiences and improvement suggestions 24 hours a day using the following email addresses: or Only through this way, an improvement or addition will go into our version control database. We highly appreciate our users thinking with us!


We can answer many questions using the manuals of our products.
You can find the manuals in PDF format below.
In these documents, we have assembled all the necessary information about the various products.
Player development system Dotcomclub: Coach manual
Also have a look at our presentation: Presentation Dotcomclub
Talent development system Dotcombond: Coach manual
Talent development system Dotcombond: Athlete manual