HUP & Dotcomsport agree on a unique partnership!

HUP & Dotcomsport Agree on Unique Partnership!

January 14th, 2017 – HUP is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Dotcomsport from the Netherlands. Dotcomsport is the optimal development system for soccer players, staff members, and clubs of all playing levels. Dotcomsport has proven success through many years of experience working with clients in the soccer market both at the amateur and professional levels. Our relationship will allow Dotcomsport to connect with our expanded network in the United States in hopes of bridging the gap between soccer and community.

This unique partnership will focus on improving the state of soccer in the United States by creating a more structured foundation of operating within the sport. Dotcomsport has proven to be the ideal solution to monitor the development of players beginning at the grassroot level and progressing to the top leagues.

On behalf of HUP, we welcome Dotcomsport to our team and we are beyond excited to begin making an impact within our communities!