The biggest advantages of a club management platform for football clubs!

Do you also want to maximize club results in a simple, unified and efficient way? The club management platform Dotcomclub is, regardless of the level, the most complete solution for a football organization. The software provides a structured development path, which contributes to the optimal development of football players.

In combination with a smart phone or tablet, this is the ideal assistant for every (youth) coach, coordinator or director. This article describes the biggest advantages of a club management platform and how this system can help your organization.

1. Unified way of working

With the use of a club management platform you help everyone within the football organization to work in one unified way. This contributes directly to the growth within a football organization. Clear, unified processes make the working method more clear and more efficient. Structure and uniformity in an organization also ensures that all information is structured in the same way.

This allows all the collected data be compared more fairly with each other. For example, when you are working on the teams for the new season and all players have been evaluated and monitored in the same way (playing minutes, attendance, motivation, etc.), well-founded choices can be made based on the data. Certain choices can thus also be justified towards parents.

2. Continuity

We all remember the “football notebook” from the past, in which all the key moments of a match were written. In many cases, this football notebook has already been replaced by an Excel file on the laptop of a coach. Unfortunately, all this collected information literally runs out the door when this coach decides to leave the football organization.

If you really don’t want to lose important technical data anymore, the club management platform will help you with this. This immediately guarantees the continuity of the academy. All collected data by the football organization can be viewed at any time by the right people and is therefore never lost. With the club management platform you create one central collection point for all data, every season.

3. Monitoring development of players and coaches

With statistics such as the average playing time per player, attendance, absence overviews, development per player, goal scorers, number of assists, etc., you always have a good and up-to-date picture of the players within the football organization. These can be requested within the club management platform with the click of a button.

Players can be evaluated with a customizable evaluation form per age category. Based on the completed evaluations, different players can easily be compared with each other within a season or over several years. In this way, the development can be monitored per player.

In addition to evaluating players, the coaches/staff members can also be evaluated by the Technical Management. This can be done once, or numerous times, per season. Information such as coaching licenses can also be entered. Of course, the players and coaches can also evaluate themselves, if desired.

4. Drills

The club management platform also offers different drills, categorized by age. This allows the coaches of the different teams to be provided with a lot of inspiration. This drill library can of course be expanded with new drills that the football organization uses.

In the Netherlands, among other things, the RINUS drill are available. This makes it very easy for the users of the club management platform to access the KNVB qualified material.

Are you interested in the possibilities of a club management system? View more information here or get in touch with us.

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Activeer je DotcomCoach jaarlicentie en krijg de eerste 14 dagen een gratis proefperiode.

Om uw betaalgegevens te verifiëren zal er een bedrag van €1,00 worden afgeschreven.